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Desarrollo de Software / consultoría


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Fourdplan is a technology services company for the construction, infrastructure and industrial industries focused on the use of BIM models, virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, providing solutions that improve productivity and the digital transformation of companies.

Our mission is to deliver the best engineering solutions generating additional value to the client in the management of the project and supplies, creating better solutions for profitability, functionality and optimal operation of infrastructure, real estate or industrial projects, through the BIM collaborative management methodology and our Fourdplan software.

Fourdplan's vision is to be the best alternative as strategic partners in infrastructure, real estate or industrial projects, to obtain better benefits by creating new solutions with collaborative BIM 4D management. Using new technologies to support and improve the Visualization processes of engineering projects.

Contactos de la marca

Daniel Molina CEO


  • Manuel Montt 948, Providencia, Santiago
  • +56 9 56593065