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Founded in 1954, our company began manufacturing custom and stylish furniture, for home and business. In 1969 we inaugurated, with the presence of the President of the Republic, the first industrial furniture plant in the country and in 1975 we were the first company in the field to export (USA). In 1984 we were recognized internationally, with the Europe Furniture Trophy in Paris, France and with the arrival of the new century and the changes of the world and the markets, we redirected our approach towards the qualification of furniture for work and living spaces. In recent years, we have been taking different representations of international manufacturers, which allow us to expand the range of services and alternative solutions that we present. With great pride we announce at the end of 2014, that we have taken the representation of Quadrifoglio, the prestigious multinational firm of Italian origin, which imposes trends and marks patterns, through the permanent study of the organizational behaviors of the world; developing models and dictating guidelines for the design of solutions that the changing labor dynamics impose.

Contactos de la marca

Carlos Dugarte Ejecutivo de ventas

Showroom Nueva Costanera EASTON / Quadrifoglio

  • Espoz 3150, Of 102, Edificio MGV, Vitacura, RM – Santiago de Chile
  • +56966671700

Showroom Buenaventura EASTON Office

  • Pdte Eduardo Frei Montalva 9709, 2º piso · Easton Mall, Quilicura, RM – Santiago de Chile
  • +56966671700

Planta Industrial

  • Camino La Vara 3370, San Bernardo, RM – Santiago de Chile
  • +56966671700

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