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Our company was born as a legacy of Inppa SA manufacturer of radiator panels since 1949. We are the same team that for decades have manufactured different types of panels for your radiator changes.

INPPA has been in the market for nearly 60 years and has three business lines: Automotive , focused on the manufacture of radiators and panels for automobiles; Construction , focused on gravelled steel tiles and other products such as those recently launched; and Mining and Industry , where custom thermal transfer equipment and geological trays are manufactured.

INPPA has defined service quality as the cornerstone of its business, a concept that starts by establishing a close relationship with its customers. Our service considers cubing, preparation of material use sheets that minimize losses, consulting on works, a guaranteed installation service with professional supervision, training in our roof tile installations for your own or external personnel, etc. Construction companies can buy our products to install them, or use our installation service, but in both cases they will have comprehensive advice.

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Casa Matriz

  • Camino a Melipilla 13460, Maipú, Santiago
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