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Grupo Polpaico is a company with more than 70 years of tradition in the national market. It has maintained a leading role in the development of the country through the manufacture and commercialization of Cement, Ready-Mix Concrete and Aggregates.

Currently Polpaico is present from Region II to IX, with 3 cement production plants strategically located in: Mejillones (II Reg.), Cerro Blanco (RM) and Coronel (VIII Reg). In addition, it has 22 concrete plants, 3 aggregates plants, 3 commercial offices and 1 co-processing plant.

To adequately serve customers who demand ready-mixed concrete, Polpaico is organized into two segments Construction and Special Projects, both with clear objectives of innovating in product and service proposals.

In Construction, Polpaico is oriented to deliver integral solutions focused on contributing to the optimization of the work, attending the needs of architecture, engineering and construction, considering the importance of the clients and / or end users. In this segment, the main attention is given to residential homes, buildings, hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, paving, among others.

In Special Projects, Polpaico has been present in Mining, Energy and Infrastructure. His work focuses on providing efficient and innovative solutions, linking with the project, not only in the execution stage but also in the previous stages of design and engineering, thus generating more efficient projects, with high productivity and lower costs, more durable and more sustainable. To this must be added an aspect that for Polpaico is highly relevant and that is Occupational Safety, which has been valued and recognized by its Clients and which is a sine qua non condition for the delivery of our products and services.

To support this organization, Polpaico has an Innovation and Solutions area that seeks to generate and develop high-value solutions for its Clients and provide specialized technical advice in the various stages of a project, thus providing new technologies that produce efficiencies and direct benefits for the work and the different actors involved, from Mandators, Specifiers, Builders to End Users.

Contactos de la marca

Pablo Castro V. Jefe Innovación y Desarrollo - (Especificación)
Alejandra Marín Sub-Gerente Comercial (RM)
Jands Montecino Jefe Comercial (Regiones II-IV-V-VI)
Pamela Sanchez Jefe Comercial (Regiones VII-VIII-IX)
Federico Romanoff Ingeniero Innovación y Desarrollo

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