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Preansa is a multidisciplinary team that offers comprehensive solutions giving the client a much higher added value. To achieve this is that we have a first-rate professional team with specific experience and knowledge in various areas such as structural engineering, architecture, construction, logistics and transportation, among others, that make a difference in the market, providing unique services in our field .

Contactos de la marca

Jon Ander Urgoitia Gerente Comercial
Patricio Daza Preansa


  • Warrens St Michael,, St. Michael

Marshall Trading LTD

  • Hwy 2A, Welches BB22025, St. Michael

Casa Matriz

  • Av. Américo Vespucio 2880, Oficina 604, Conchalí, Santiago
  • +56226235500
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We are the first company in the country dedicated to the design, construction, transport and assembly of industrialized concrete structures that provide solutions to a wide variety of construction projects. We build with industrial processes and have our own logistic equipment, such as cranes and special transport, which guarantee delivery times. We compete against traditional processes both in situ and metal, in addition to having zero maintenance against marine environments, oxidation, etc.

Contactos de la marca

Preansa Oficinas Administrativas

Oficinas Administrativas

  • Calle 127 # 16A-76 Of.306, Bogotá, Colombia
  • +573165257695

PREANSA Planta de fabricación

  • Km 6+300 vía Madrid-El Corzo-Facatativa. Paraje industrial Santa Teresa
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The Preansa Group is formed by a group of companies that vertically integrate all areas of construction. We have aggregate plants and cement manufacturing, which we use in the rest of our production process. We precast concrete structural parts throughout the Spanish territory, as well as in France, South America and the Middle East. Since the year 91 in which we started our international presence, we have been present either with investments or with concrete actions in many countries in accordance with our international expansion policy. We offer constructive solutions in the fields of building; industrial, commercial, services, logistics, and in the field of public works; beams for bridges, railway sleepers.

Contactos de la marca

Preansa Comercial

Salvador W. Habet, LTD

  • 34 Regent St W, Belize City

PREANSA - Departamento comercial

  • Calle Boulevard 180, Santiago de Surco, Perú
  • +5112806864

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