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At Promat we offer solutions for passive fire protection, in order to protect and safeguard lives and property. Promat has developed unique solutions for the construction market and industry providing security and energy savings. We have a highly qualified team for the development of new products, improvement of existing products and improvement in their production.

Our products are used in the construction of ventilation ducts, protection of structural profiles, walls, ceilings, cable protection, etc., but Promat also offers a wide variety of products such as fire resistant glass, intumescent paints, PVC pipe collars. and for pipes of other materials, putties, mortars, among others. These materials make up Promat systems for fire protection, providing excellent benefits: exceptional hardness, impact and moisture resistance, easy to work and install and safe to use.

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Promat Chile SA

  • Camino a Melipilla 10803, Maipú
  • +562238120704

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