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Pizarreño and Romeral are part of the industrial holding company Etex Group, which specializes since 1905 in the development of materials and solutions for construction. Etex has the support in knowledge, development and innovation of its network made up of more than one hundred companies and the presence in 43 countries throughout the world. “Inspiring ways of living” is the motto that unites them and moves them to work day after day in delivering solutions that generate value to their local customers, they want to collaborate in fulfilling the dream of granting quality spaces for a quality life. Safe, durable, aesthetic and sustainable.

In Chile, they consolidate knowledge in the construction industry through their Pizarreño and Romeral brands, together with a selection of the best materials developed to the highest standards throughout the world, such as Equitone exterior architectural cladding and ventilated facades, and Promat through passive fire protection solutions. Offering to the Chilean market innovative and integrated solutions in multiple materials, fiber cement, fibrosilicate, fiber plaster and plasterboard.

We invite you to learn more about Etex, to contact the professionals of the specification team and develop your project together.

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