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EL VOLCAN is a Chilean retail company specialized in the gastronomic sector, both for the professional market (Equipment and gastronomic projects) as well as the Home market, selling table and kitchen items. Its headquarters are located in downtown Santiago, San Diego # 767.


Its origins date back to 1910, when Don Nolasco Rivero, a Spanish immigrant from Asturias, arrived in Chile with the aim of seeking better opportunities. As a result of his effort, perseverance and commitment, he rose in his work, becoming a partner and finally the owner of what was then the EL VOLCAN Hardware Store.

In June 1953, Don José Rivero Llamazales became independent from his father's business with the idea of developing the most specialized hardware business, but he was unable to obtain a patent for the item, so he decided to create EL VOLCAN Menajes, thus beginning the sale. of table and kitchen products.


Around 2007, as a result of the gastronomic demand and changes in lifestyles, the second store was opened, located in Las Tranqueras, Las Condes commune. 5 years later, it inaugurated its Corporate distribution center in Colina, in order to face the expansion plan drawn up by the company and centralize shipments to regions.

In 2014 the store located in the Mall Plaza Egaña was opened, a year later the stores of Luis Pasteur # 6607, Vitacura and Mall Plaza El Trébol were inaugurated in Concepción. In 2016, the EL VOLCAN store was opened in Mall Parque Arauco (Design floor) and then in 2017 the store was opened in Mall Plaza Los Domínicos and in Quilicura (Easton Outlet Mall).

Finally, in order to better satisfy the demand of the regions, in 2018 the Viña del Mar and Temuco stores were opened, with Mall Plaza Oeste being the location for the 11th store.


With more than 64 years in the national market, EL VOLCAN has extensive product lines in tableware, glassware, cutlery, machinery and household appliances.

On its website part of its product offering is sold and it has home delivery and pick-up in the network of stores throughout the country.

Contactos de la marca

Pamela Carolina Cruz Vera Ejecutiva Ventas Terreno

Las Tranqueras

  • Las Tranqueras 70, Las Condes
  • +56229353070

Luis Pasteur

  • Luis Pasteur 6607, Vitacura
  • +56229353090

Mall Parque Arauco

  • Av. Pdte. Kennedy 5413, Piso 3 - Local 576, Las Condes
  • +56229353070

Stgo. Centro

  • San Diego 767, Santiago
  • +56229353030

Easton Outlet Mall

  • Av. Eduardo Frei Montalva 9709, Ruta 5 Esq. San Ignacio, Local 712-B, Quilicura
  • +56229353170

Mall Plaza Los Dominicos

  • Av. Padre Hurtado Sur 875, Piso 2, Local C2137-2141-2145, Las Condes
  • +56229353160

Mall Plaza Egaña

  • Av. Larrain 5862, Local 145, La Reina
  • +56229353080

Mall Plaza Trébol (Sector Aires)

  • Av. Jorge Alessandri 3177, Local F-152, F-154 y F-156C, Talcahuano, Bío Bío
  • +56229353140

Viña del Mar

  • Av. Libertad 859, Viña del Mar
  • +56229353250


  • Av. Alemania 0890, Local 3, Temuco
  • +56229353260

Mall Plaza Oeste

  • Av. Américo Vespucio 1501, Local BA 125-129, Cerrillos
  • +56229353270

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