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Fábrica de Piedras Chilenas

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We are an alternative to Natural stone, identical in sight and touch, but with better performance and installation facilities.

Our floors and cladding are resistant to any weather, do not rot or are flammable, resist the attack of insects and do not discolor over time.

Piedras Chilenas cladding is lightweight and can be installed on any vertical facing, even on light partitions or EIFS and walls in height.

They are easy to cut and with the right tools installation is up to 10 times faster than natural stone, saving time and money.

More than 240,000 square meters installed throughout Chile, show the quality and durability of our products, which remain intact after almost 20 years of history, having been exposed to earthquakes and the most adverse conditions in all types of climates from coastal to cordilleranos.

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  • San Francisco de Asis 150, Local 105, Vitacura, Santiago - Chile
  • +562 3220 5110
  • +56 9 3149 8883