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NOVACERO   is a solid Ecuadorian company, pioneer and leader in the market since 1973, with the best experience in the creation, development and implementation of steel solutions for construction.

NOVACERO was founded in July 1973, starting as part of the multinational group ARMCO, in the road products business, with an industrial plant in Quito; By 1983 it incorporated a second industrial plant in Lasso, 15 km from Latacunga-Cotopaxi, for the manufacture and sale of hot rolled products (angles, plates, bars and tees) and cold formed products (pipes and profiles).

In 1986, with his own designs, he entered the Galvalume Roofing business in Ecuador. ARMCO in 1992 sold its operations in Ecuador to the Swiss group Eternit, and later in 1994, the company was sold to national shareholders. This last transaction was decisive for the growth of the organization, since important investments began to be made in new lines and to improve the existing ones; In 1996, a third industrial plant was inaugurated located in the city of Guayaquil, in order to have a greater presence in the market of the South and the Coast.

Until 2001 we were 2 companies, one called Novacero and the other Aceropaxi; As of January of that year, both companies merge to form a single one, with the name NOVACERO-ACEROPAXI SA. In 2005 the growth of the hot rolled business began, as a result of this the company was renamed NOVACERO SA . for the incorporation of the construction rod to the product portfolio; For this purpose, a modern rolling mill was acquired, which, together with other improvements, made it possible to accelerate the growth of sales and a greater market share.

In 2005, it started its path towards eco-efficiency, adopting a corporate cultural change and establishing the appropriate techniques to promote them. In 2009 we opened our own steel mill for the production of billet. In 2010, Novacero received its first “Green Point” certificates, award for cleanest production, by the Ministry of the Environment.

In 2012 NOVACERO launched its Microalloyed Rod product, a new steel solution that constitutes an advance in construction materials technology in Ecuador designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements of the construction sector. In 2015 we obtained the eco-efficient company certification, for obtaining 4 green points thanks to the improvements in its processes, among which the water treatment plant stands out, which allows 99.95% of water to be reused in its production process. In 2016 it inaugurated its new plant in the city of Guayaquil, located on Via Daule.

In 2018 Novacero had an Integrated Management System under the ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards by the company SGS. These certifications are maintained by our commitment to continuous improvement for the benefit of the organization and the effective treatment of its protocols on issues related to the environment, safety and health.

In 2020 NOVACERO marked the beginning of its digital transformation through the SAP system, which was implemented to migrate information and integrate its processes into a much more intelligent and reliable platform.

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