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HEAVENWARD began its activities in Chile in 1993 and in Argentina in 1998, since then there are more than 4000 equipment sold and installed. All of them following the usual spirit: quality products, long life, comfortable and safe for our users. The vocation of service of all staff and the constant concern for continuous improvement have assured us a loyal clientele for years and the arrival of new customers looking for better products and services.

From the first projects: WTC Building, Radisson Vitacura Hotel, and Alicahue Building in Viña del Mar, HEAVENWARD has participated in many office buildings, homes, hotels and clinics. Among the most recent are the 60 elevators without machine room of the Justice Center of Santiago, the modern facilities in the Santa María and Las Condes Clinics and the recent modernization of the German Clinic elevators.

HEAVENWARD markets products that provide technology to the country. This is how in 1994 he introduced VVVF technology, later known as "variable frequency", which stood out for the smoothness of travel and energy savings. For years, HEAVENWARD installed hundreds of elevators, becoming VVVF technology a standard in Chile. Consistent with its policy of technological innovation, HEAVENWARD has recently launched the VSE (variable nominal speed) and PCNV (elevators that generate electricity for the building) technologies from MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC.

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Martin Fidelli Ingeniero de Ventas

Edificio World Trade Center

  • Av. Tajamar 481 Torre Norte Oficina 1001, Las Condes, Santiago.
  • (+56 2) 2731 8000

Buenos Aires

  • Alicia Moreau de Justo 1780 2°F
  • (+54) 011 4314 3334

Casa Matriz

  • Edificio World Trade Center, Av. Tajamar 481, Torre Norte Oficina 1001, Las Condes, SANTIAGO

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