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We are a leading company and specialists in Acoustic Solutions , standing out in the part of Noise Control Engineering, Architectural Acoustics and product sales.

We offer a variety of services such as advice on noise problems and the respective installations of the appropriate solutions. We also have the widest range of acoustic products for each specific need, each of them having its respective technical data sheet and certifications delivered by duly accredited official laboratories. We have managed to be suppliers of the most important companies in America, being the only representatives of a wide variety of acoustic materials recognized in the international arena. Our professionals, specialists in the field and with vast experience in the field, demonstrate excellent service, seriousness and safety in the work entrusted and are willing to meet each and every one of your requirements.

One of our works is: Central Station Sports Center - Sports Center.

In this work, PRO SMOOTH WITH PU was used as an exposed coating for the acoustic treatment of environments where it is necessary to preserve aesthetics. This is a sound absorbing foam made from flexible foam in variable thicknesses, smooth surface finish and covered with an exclusive low-thickness polyurethane film. Prevents sound reflection (reverberation) from hard wall or ceiling surfaces and reduces the overall sound level.

Advantages: Good sound absorption coefficient - Waterproof - Washable - Lightweight, easy to transport and install.

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