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Vidrios Lirquen

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Vidrios Lirquen is a leading company in the manufacture, transformation and distribution of Float Glass, produced in its plant located in the Biobío region. Founded in 1933, Vidrios Lirquen is the only producer of flat glass in Chile for use in the construction industry.

Its shareholders are the multinational companies NSG / Pilkington, Saint Gobain, and the local Pathfinder Group. The NSG / Pilkington Group is one of the world's largest glass manufacturers, with operations in 29 countries, sales in more than 130 and around 30,000 employees, and for the past 50 years, it has been responsible for major advances in technology. of the crystal.

Contactos de la marca

Monica Budge Jefa de Productos Especiales
Alejandra Herrera Jefa de Proyectos
Jorge Vera Ejecutivo de Nuevos Negocios
Christian Fredes Ejecutivo de Nuevos Negocios

Casa Matriz

  • Cerámica 2371, Cerro Navia, Santiago
  • 562 2369 7600

Planta Lirquen

  • Camino Público s/n frente Estación Puerto Lirquén Penco, Lirquén, Concepción
  • (+56 41) 220-1101

HJB Jamaica Limited

  • 14 Retirement Cres Kingston 5,, Kingston

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