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In Kubiec we exist to accelerate the shift towards sustainable construction. Kubiec has been characterized by offering innovative products for construction and metalworking, manufactured using environmentally friendly processes.

For more than twenty years we have been able to introduce several successful constructive solutions to the national and international market, thanks to the fact that we comply with very strict standards, standards and quality codes; always contributing to the achievement of the profitability objectives of our customers.

We use the best production technology in the world and we have an expert and committed team. Our products optimize resources and consumptions, with the purpose of minimizing the negative environmental impact, in the entire value chain of a construction, from its manufacture, work and useful life.

The main business lines of Kubiec are: Beams and Elements for Metal Buildings; Industrial and Residential Covers; Steel pipe; Stainless Steel Pipe; Profiles for Metalworking and Locksmithing; Towers and monopolies for electrical and telecommunications transmission; Prefabricated buildings; Kubiframe (Steel Framing); Precast Concrete Relieved Panels; Doka modular formwork systems; Road Solutions and Construction Complements. The product offer is integrated with industrial assembly services, galvanizing service; metalworking process services (welding, cutting, shot blasting, painting, plasma, etc.).

Our management is backed by INEN quality certifications from Ecuador, Retie granted by Cidet de Colombia and UL Internacional, we are also a company with ISO 9001: 2015 Management certification.

Contactos de la marca

Marcelo Acurio Gerente Comercial
Xavier Naranjo Ingeniería
Reynaldo Pavlica Gerente de Negocios
Adrian Lascano Líder Comercial
Dario Chiriboga Líder Comercial
Iván Tinillo Líder Comercial Estructuras
Daniel Naranjo Líder Comercial Cubiertas
Carolina Vinueza Jefe de Marketing

Unidad Comercial Quito Norte

  • De las Higueras Lote 30 y de las Avellanas
  • +59322480420

Unidad Comercial e Industrial Petrillo

  • Calle Petrillo s/n y la Toma, vía a Guayaquil – Daule antes de Nobol
  • +59342150300

Unidad Comercial Cuenca

  • Av. Enrique Arizaga e lsauro Rodríguez, sector Autopista San Joaquín
  • +59374033261

Unidad Comercial Sto. Domingo

  • Sector Bombolí. Av. Los Colonos. By Pass Terminal Av. Chone a 500 metros de la concesionaria Ford.
  • +59323740245

Unidad Comercial Portoviejo

  • Av. Metropolitana Eloy Alfaro vía a Manta Frente a Gasolinera Jenmer
  • +59352550002

Unidad Comercial Ambato

  • Calle García Mongrovejo y Julio Zaldumbide esq. Sector Huachi Chico
  • +59332587325

Unidad Comercial Machala

  • Av. Ferroviaria y Alejandro Castro Benítez (Junto a Servientrega)
  • +59372150041

Unidad Comercial Cubiertas - Santiago de Chile

  • El Otoño 1421 – Lampa. Santiago de Chile
  • +56226537190

Unidad Comercial Loja

  • Calle New York S/N. Parque Industrial Loja. Sector Amable María
  • +59372613665

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